Buckeye Firearms Awards LaTourette Highest Ranking

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 @ 9:19PM

Buckeye Firearms, a leading defender of Second Amendment rights in Ohio, awarded me their highest ranking for a non-incumbent.  I appreciate their confidence in me, and look forward to standing with them in Columbus to protect our inviolable right to bear arms.

From their website:

Primary 2014

For the Ohio primary election, you must choose which party’s elections you want to vote in - you can not vote in more than one. We have grouped the tables in the voter guide by party to assist you.
NOTE: The endorsement committee focused on contested primary races, given that voters are given a choice in those races. When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent can earn is Aq.
Buckeye Firearms Association endorsements are focused primarily on state-level races. We also endorse in some local races. Buckeye Firearms Association does not endorse in all federal office elections. (For federal NRA-PVF endorsements, click here.) We may issue endorsements to candidates for federal office that we have endorsed in prior elections or a candidate we have worked with on Second Amendment issues. Buckeye Firearms Association also reserves the right to address any political race with such importance, we feel compelled to endorse.

Read their full list of candidate endorsements and ranking here.

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